We are a blockchain development service company that provides organizations of any size and business domain with blockchain-powered distributed systems. Develop a new blockchain project from scratch or adjust existing solutions with the help of a reliable partner.

Artificial Intelligence

Elementstate end-to-end approach to implementing AI solutions for businesses begins with consulting and outlining an MVP. The process extends to development and integration with existing infrastructure, preventing the most common AI pitfalls associated with identifying the proper datasets and training initial ML algorithms.

Machine Learning Consulting

We build custom machine learning solutions for companies of any size to meet their specific business needs and drive breakthrough results. Machine learning consulting helps identify how your business can benefit from using ML technologies, and create road map for developing and implementing ML solutions.

Big Data

AI companies create an ultimate competitive advantage for innovators inside existing or emerging businesses. Let’s make the most effective and profitable use of Big Data for your innovative sustainable growth.

Data Science

We build comprehensive data-driven solutions capable of unlocking intelligent value across business processes and driving stronger performance.

Data Analysis

Our data engineers provide data analytics consulting services to help companies leverage advanced analytics techniques to extract valuable insight.



Mobile Development

We provide consulting and mobile app development services for different platforms and various industries connecting people and businesses across a variety of
mobile devices.


Web Development

We build custom web applications for startups, small and mid-large scale businesses using a wide range of technologies. We solve complex problems that are often a combination of both frontend and backend stacks.


UI/UX Design & Consulting

Functional and intuitive interfaces is another competitive advantage nowadays. At Elementstate, we design and improve UI & UX to inspire your customers and partners, combining the worlds best practices, modern trends, and our many years of experience.


Cloud Consulting

Elementstate advises businesses on optimizing infrastructure capability costs while working on complex solutions with high-performance systems. We provide services for architecture and infrastructure maintenance using AWS, Azure, GCP, Microservices, Ansible, Terraform, and Serverless.

Full-cycle development

We can handle end-to-end software development at a competitive rate and ensure a smooth software product delivery. Choose the most convenient way of cooperation with your software provider and make the changes today. Let’s make the digital transformation happen together! Get all the benefits of your local software development or Data Science team with more efficient costs and timely results.



Technical Consulting

IT consulting service at Elementstate isn’t just about technology. We help our customers understand what they really want to achieve with their business.We advise just how and what can be done to achieve higher business outcomes. At this stage, we help you to determine the business objectives, project objectives, the general context of the business, all the requirements and regulations, business processes of the company, and business strategy.